Jul 31, 2010

A sad updated

A never before posted photo. But there is a reason.
The photo posted above is a photo taken not by me but by Kevin. See I was out of town when this photo was taken. It was the day that Augie passed and I was driving home from a Christmas visit with family in CT.

So why would I post this photo now? The reason is that the 2 dogs in the photo are together again. On July 21st Brookie joined the "Old Guard" the Old Guard being Cassie, Weenie and my good ole boy Augie.

There is quite the story behind how Brookie came into my life so please just entertain me here.

Brookie was a hound that was racing in a kennel I worked for at Plainfield. She tended to be a more shy sort of hound. One that if you really didn't pay a lot of attention, you wouldn't even notice her.

Well one day Brookie came into season and there was a male in the next turn out pen over that took interest. Not only did he take interest but he forced his way into the girls pen and had his way with Brookie. 63 days later Brookie was whelping pups in my home.

I honestly did not plan on keeping Brookie. I committed to the fact that I would pet out her pups and her. But when it came time to do that we just couldn't part with Brookie. It was that day, she became My Girl, my Brooka Wooka Woo girl.

It has been 11 years and 7 months that I was blessed to share with this girl before she had to make her journey without me. That does not factor in the amount of time I shared with her in kennel life. Yes, that's a lot of time to share with a dog.

Brookie had outlived every animal I had ever owned on my own. She has seen so many dogs come and go into my home, that I honestly believe she couldn't bring herself to give me that same heartache she saw me go threw so many times before.

My old gal was so strong, so willing to please. I saw so much of myself in Brookie and I think that makes it so much harder.
GOD SPEED Brookie. The Old Guard is gone from my life, but there is no way they are ever out of my heart or gone from my thoughts.

Hug those hounds people, enjoy each and every thing. No matter if it's that trash can raid or the pee on the floor. The waking you up in the middle of the night to go out or the early morning wake up call to be fed. They are only here for a short time. Live, Laugh and Love like there is no tomorrow, because some day there will come the day that there is no tomorrow.


  1. Aw, I'm so sorry she's gone! She was a beautiful girl. I can't fathom having eleven years together! What a great gift!

    I know what you mean about losing them after so long. Lilac will be fifteen in September. I still can't believe it. She's so darned bossy, but I love her spunkiness in her old age!

  2. Run free sweet Brookie. Even though I already knew about her being gone it still made me tear up reading this...